Week 3 – Finding Nuggets of Gratitude When Life Happens

Who of you would care to admit that your morning revolved around a 1-hour window of “The Price Is Right” with Bob Barker? Oo-Oo! Pick me!

For many many years, until a few years ago, family, close friends and coworkers knew not to even think about disturbing me between 10am and 11am CST because I had a daily date with Bob Barker and “The Price Is Right”. That everyday 1-hour dose of games, fun, laughter, price guessing and happiness supplied me with joy and an escape from the cares of the world and the day. Whether school or work, schedules were created around that time slot. Perhaps sounds like a strange addiction, but I choose to believe it was a block of time that was committed to self to simply diffuse and enjoy. It is a perfectly legitimate for you to question the pertinence of that information as it pertains to gratitude.


Well, I was out walking my dog this the very next day after my blog post introducing you to my dog Skowt. My allegiance was challenged! Be it known that those days of dedicated engagement with“The Price Is Right” dwindled to an occasional tuning in after the change of hosts. So you see, the game show was not the conflict this time. The new contention of no interruptions became the 9am-9:30am 30-minute window. That is a committed time to self for personal growth and development from a respected mentor and business partner in coaching and training. So you are probably wondering where is this rabbit trail leading to and how does my dog fit into all of this.

In the ongoing reworking and re-prioritizing my day to include walking Skowt, I got a little later start than needed which meant the journey outside was going to be cut short. In doing my very best to avoid other dog walkers from the complex by keeping a sharp eagle eye, I did an immediate about face at the sight of a couple of dogs and their owners at the pet park. Headed back on my merry way to my apartment, I thought I heard my name being called. But how could that be when i am relatively new here. I glanced back but saw no one. Sure enough when I realized after hearing my name three times, I turned to see who was beckoning me. You may recall my post yesterday mentioned Skowt attracting attention because of his beauty. Well, it was one of those folk ecstatically waving her arms to get my attention and excitedly coming toward me. A quick look at my watch revealed time was quickly approaching for the call.

That sweet little lady invited me to join them in the pet park for Skowt to interact with and get to know the other dogs and them him. As much as that invitation temptingly touched me, I thanked her and graciously declined. You see I explained that I have a commitment to a conference call that is going to start in a few minutes. Whether she understood that degree of diligence to a call, it did not matter to me. Why?

You see, it was an aha moment of gratitude that my loyalty to self was such that I would protect that 30-minute window just like I did with“The Price Is Right”. Those information-packed 30 minutes bring value, joy and increased knowledge which serve to hone my skills in giving hope to others. My question to you now is, do you have a dedicated window of time for yourself that will result in a better you for others?

Be sure to once again check back next week to see what nugget find of gratitude has been unearthed. And do not forget to leave a comment and ❤️ my blog site. Hopefully, you will then follow my blog, invite others to view and do the same. A blessed day to you because I know #Iamblessed and enjoy #givingyouhope!

Oh, by the way, how many of you will admit that you still do occasional indulge in a little “The Price Is Right” escape. Oo-Oo! Pick me!

Release and Forgive…Forgive and Release

A few days ago my spirit was weighty with an unrelenting message that would not leave until I obediently share it. It is an exhortation to “Forgive and Release” “Release and Forgive” as entrance is made into the new year to receive the full extent of the blessings that 2014 holds. Even though the Lord showed me several decades ago that I must not walk in unforgiveness, the message I am about to write is for me too.

Ephesians Chaps 3-5 lays out how we are to walk (not run) as the new person in Christ..in love, in the light, in wisdom. Chap 3 tell instructs us to PUT OFF the former conduct, be renewed in the spirit of the mind, to PUT ON the new person which “was created according to God, in true righteousness and holiness”. We are very familiar with Galatians 5 that speaks of the fruit of the Spirit. It goes on to say that we are to live and walk in the spirit…”not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another”, thus putting off fleshly passions and desires. ICorinthians 13:3-8 so clearly states that love is an action word. Yet we seem to get it backwards. Decisions are made according to the Flesh to put on the actions of rude behavior, envying, parades of conceit and pride to make self look good, thinks all kind of evil, rejoices at at injustices and unrighteousness. Instead it seems choices are made to put off patience, put off taking no account of the evil done, put off allowing love to suffer long, put off being easily provoked, put off believing the best, put off rejoicing when right and truth prevail… All because offenses, perceived suffered wrongs, betrayals, etc have seemingly occurred..with justification to stand our ground to make a point. When in fact what has occurred is ground has been given for the enemy to Steal, Kill and Destroy. Choose to be resolute to forgive and release.. release and forgive. Do it even if that means taking a moment to ask forgiveness and releasing and/or releasing in order that you may humble self and ask forgiveness. Now go forth and walk in the actions of love and the blessings of the overcoming kind of 2014! Miss Rainey Giving You Hope…