What About The “IT” Did You Forget?


It really excites me to hear thru facebook, emails and text messages that my blog is being read! Now it would thrill me even more to get your thoughts and feedback on the “It” in January 6th post! Because the Lord has placed “teacher” in my calling, interactions with some posts shall most assuredly be heavily desired from time to time. This will help me to know if value is being added to your life. So let me ask it this way, “What about the ‘It’ Did You Forget?”

Also, are you aware that my miracle story was published in an online magazine? And if that was not enough, let me also tell you that my miracle mini-story was published and is available in Barnes and Nobles and on newsstands across the country. This all because I chose to trust God and step outside the proverbial box in forward progressions of my life in finances. I had no idea of the extent that step of faith would broaden the foundation He is laying for me to glorify His Name! And the “It” which initially brought me great shame until God had someone I did not even know, speak up unknowingly as an instrument of the Lord to speak freeing life to me.

So you never know…perhaps your words could speak the life that this blogger, child of God needs! So again I ask, “What about the It’ Did You Forget?” Go back and check out the January 6th post and remember…there just may be a blog pop quiz! 🙂

Since You Were Not There When The ‘It’ Changed

Earlier today I wrote a facebook post entitled “Since I Was Not There This Morning…” Where I was not this morning was in church. I have been spending extended time with Jehovah-Rapha as I walk and speak life for restoration to wholeness from a severe symptomatic flare in one of the conditions with which I was diagnosed 4 years ago. It is so awesome walking out my faith, experiencing the faithfulness of God in deeper depths, wider widths and higher heights! His grace truly is sufficient! Now that is a phrase that you will probably hear time and time again as you journey with me. So now I am writing a blog post in Miss Rainey Giving You Hope entitled, “Since You Were Not There When It’ Changed…” What is the ‘it’ you may ask? Well glad you asked! I am more than happy to tell you what the ‘it’ is! Oh no, I shall not make it that easy for you…since the ‘it’ has not an easy transition for me the first few years after ‘it’ occurred. You may ask, “How are you going to find out what ‘it’ is?” I love that you are not shy at asking questions! The answer is in the attached links on this blog. So take 20 minutes and be blessed and encouraged as you watch. Then post your comments as to what you believe the ‘it’ is. Then feel free to forward the links or introduce my blog to others who you feel can be inspired by the story of the change ‘it’ did to me.

Accent of The ‘It’ Part 1           Accent of The ‘It’ Part 2