Week 1 – Finding Nuggets of Gratitude When Life Happens

Oh no, the clock is about to strike midnight and you have not seen my nugget of gratitude for today. So I am taking this quick moment to let you know that I am grateful for the manifested constraining power of the Lord to keep me calm when life was happening all around me with stimulus overload. On my Day 13 of gratitude, I shall share the changes in my environment which created a firestorm of reorganization and prioritizing. But for now, let me just say that gratitude runs deep for my two kiddos and my daughter-in-love for helping me to get settled in my new home while they watched my dog Skowt. He is reunited with me!

Be sure to once again check back next week to see what nugget find of gratitude has been unearthed. And do not forget to leave a comment and ❤️ my blog site. Hopefully, you will then follow my blog, invite others to view and do the same. A blessed day to you because I know #Iamblessed and enjoy #givingyouhope!