Week 6 – Finding Nuggets of Gratitude When Life Happens

My gratitude nugget find today is in the person for whom this day is set aside to in commemorate and remember the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. While his life was cut short, his legacy shall never die…lives on forever. Because Dr. King not only had a dream of freedom for all, but actively set in motion the realization of freedom through peaceful non-violent history-making movements. Both of my children excelled in high school academically and socially, achieving several honors and awards. As a result of Dr. King’s efforts, my daughter dreams big for her life’s goals in public interests. She achieved multiple university degrees with her sights now set on commencing her law degree in Fall 2015. She worked as Victim’s Assistant Specialist for a police department for several years and is now the Academic Counselor for a major charter school. My son achieved a college degree and is joyously married to a gorgeous woman of a different nationality. He is the Operational Director for a notable audio/visual technology company at a renowned hotel. In my over 6 decades of life, I have witnessed changes and experienced freedoms that are a direct result of Dr. King’s efforts.

The life we now live is not without challenge, but filled with a whole lot of promise for even greater strides ahead. So I say thank you to Almighty God, first of all, and then to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Because of these two beings, there is no limit as to what I can dream and achieve in my endeavors to reach out and give hope to others.

I close with this quote from Dr. King’s, “Loving Your Enemies Speech”, Nov. 7, 1957 — “The reason I can’t follow the old eye-for-an-eye philosophy is that it ends up leaving everyone blind.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Inspirations and Quotes

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