An Unsuspected Vehicle of Healing

Listen to what happened to me when I dared to step outside of the proverbial box. My 16year flight attendant career with American Airlines was unexpectedly grounded due to a brain injury brought on by the 2004 sudden strike to my neurological system which mimicked a stroke. Even though this traumatic event redefined my options to work, I knew my power to earn was still in tact. I totally did not expect what was in the divine design when I made the choice to step outside the proverbial box into Ambit Energy seeking financial freedom. With the goal and hopes of exceeding beyond and eliminating the disability income limits, I determinedly pushed through the first few months of brain pain. Little did I know that my consistent and persistent engaging in the proven system of Ambit Energy would become an unsuspected vehicle of healing to the brain injury. This too could be your vehicle of hope when you choose to Step Into The Proverbial Box.