Week 4 – Finding Nuggets of Gratitude When Life Happens

The gratitude nugget I discovered is a grateful heart for those ‘angel’ friends in my life. In being reminded that nothing is impossible for God, it appears He places the presence of folk such as this to serve as that life support to assist in overcoming seemingly impossibilities of any nature. Ofttimes, a compassionate heart just needs to collide with circumstances that seem cruel and harsh through a listening ear to bring calm to the raging sea of emotions. Get ready! Someone is waiting for you to be that “peace be still” angel friend of an opened heart and a fined tuned ear.

Be sure to once again check back next week to see what nugget find of gratitude has been unearthed. And do not forget to leave a comment and ❤️ my blog site. Hopefully, you will then follow my blog, invite others to view and do the same. A blessed day to you because I know #Iamblessed and enjoy #givingyouhope!

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