Gonna Be A First Time Grandma!

Clever way to announce to me that I am going to be a grandma!

Clever way to announce to me that I am going to be a grandma!

Happy New Years To Me! My son Aaron and daughter-n-love Kelly made a visit to my home New Year’s Eve evening under the guise of delivering a Christmas gift that did not arrive in time for Christmas, they had already enclosed a picture of them in my Christmas card. But before opening the gift, Kelly handed me with a red envelope and instructed me to open it first. I obediently followed her instructions. In it was a plexiglass photo frame with a picture of a pregnant woman and the words “Can’t wait to meet grandma” on it. At the same time, Kelly screamed out “You’re gonna be a grandma!” I totally lost it with tears, screams, hugs, tears, screams, hugs and more of the same! Then they pointed out to me that the image in the belly is the actual sonogram of the baby. I lost it again! LOL

Well the attached video tells it all… Oh by the way, I finally calmed down long enough to open and see the gorgeous burgundy towel sets they gave me…


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